Here's How It Works

•In simple terms, you set a price per autograph that you want, we list you on our site and sell your autographs and once a month we send you photos to sign & personalize and a check.

•You can view our entire celebrity roster at

•We want to pay you instantly to sign autographs for your fans from your home. We print the photos and send you postage paid envelopes.  All you do is personalize, inscribe and sign photos and drop in the mail.

•As you may know.  90% of autographs signed are resold.  Especially those who sign their fan mail.  Real fans who want your autograph are willing to pay you and most of the time they want the autograph personalized.

•You set your own price (and can change your price at anytime)
•You are paid instantly for every autograph you sign (so are never owed any money).  We send you a check with photos for you to sign.
•You get paid your entire fee.  We add on fee ontop of what you charge to the fan when they make a purchase.  Our fee is $10 for every up to $50 you charge. (E.g. Fan pays $40 and you receive $30.00)
•1000s of celebrities have been using the platform since 2015 (Safe/secure/stable/established/trusted). There is never any cost to you (no set-up/membership/hosting fees etc)
•You are never asked to commit to anything/sign any contracts.  You can also choose what photos to sign.
•You sign your photos as and when it is convenient for you (never any pressure).  We send out photos to you every month on 1st and 15th
•Upon request we can send your postcards to send to fans when they request autographs through the mail.
•You will have the direct line to the Founder and CEO via phone and email.




To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.